We’re creating innovative solutions for IoT device monitoring.

Remote Monitoring

Our platform provides live reporting dashboards, per-second data resolution, and flexible data retrieval options including API access.

Self-healing Reliability

Our platform uses Docker and AWS to provide an unparalleled level of stability and uptime, paired with industrial-grade hardware.

Bulletproof Hardware

We use industrial-grade gateways to ensure reliability and no supply line delays, so you can scale at speed. Master and slave modbus connections enable more flexibility.

Smart Data Handling

Our data ingest protocol allows for flexible, detailed, and long term data retention to help you spend less time handling data and more time making decisions.

Device Management

Our platform enables customers to manage user permissions, remotely manage each device, have visibility over device status and logs.

Built With Security In Mind

Granular user management, a secure software architecture, remote wipe capability, and more features provide the secure solution you need.

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