IoT & Distributed Computing Consulting

Julep is a boutique software development company focused on bringing innovative, boundary-pushing solutions to market. Our network of industry experts provide quality solutions for the IoT devices & distributed computing industry.

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Ashton Kinslow
Senior Engineer

Ashton is a full-stack engineer based in Austin, Texas. His experience ranges from enterprise-level web app development, database management, to mobile app deployment with a specialization in distributed applications. Preferred tech stack includes: Go, PostgreSql, ScyllaDB, Terraform and AWS.
+1 512 855 7289
Gil Gildner
Business Development

Gil is based out of Little Rock, Arkansas but splits his time in Europe. His background in marketing & sales has taken him to over 40 countries, with clients including Volvo, Tyson Foods, and Heifer Intl. He focuses on business development & a passion for all things decentralization.
+1 501 725 2872